My name is Ben and I’m a data architect at Kenvue, supporting their global R&D operations. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with my partner Matthew. This blog contains technical tutorials, essays, side projects, and other musings that seems worth sharing.

I’ve worked in a few different data-related fields, including data science consulting and software engineering. Previously, I worked for L7 Informatics and Valkyrie Intelligence. Broadly, I’m interested in helping organizations get the most value out of their data—particularly scientific data that is unique the life sciences.

Before transitioning into the private sector, I earned my PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology at UT Austin. There, I studied viral metabolism by constructing intracellular simulations of phage infections. I worked under the direction of Claus Wilke.

For an up-to-date work history, see my LinkedIn.

You can also email me at and find me on Twitter (for as long as it survives) @benrjack.